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Prof.  G. Battaly, Westchester Community College, Valhalla NY  (updated 12/15/2016)

Prerequisites Chapter   P.2 Exponents and Scientific Notation
    P.3 Radicals and Rational Exponents
P.4 Polynomials
P.5 Factoring Polynomials
P.6 Rational Expressions
      video:  Complex Fractions - web
      video:  Complex Fractions - mobile
Review, Prerequisites Chapter
Chapter 1: 

1.1 Graphing Equations
1.2 Linear and Rational Equations
1.3 Models and Applications
1.4 Complex Numbers

1.5 Quadratic Equations
1.6 Other Equations
1.7 Inequalities

Review, Chapter 1

Chapter 2:   

2.1 Functions
2.3 Linear Functions and Slope
2.4 More on Slopes
2.8 Distance, Midpoint, and Circles
Review, Chapter 2

Chapter 3:    3.1 QuadraticFunctions
Chapter 4:  4.1 Exponential Functions
        video:  Exponential Functions
4.2 Logarithmic Functions
         video:  Inverse Functions
    4.3 Properties of Logarithms
    4.4 Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
4.5 Exponential Growth & Decay
Review, Chapter 4
Chapter 5:    5.1 Angles and Radian Measure
    5.2 Right Triangle Trigonometry
    5.3 Trig Functions of Any Angle
    5.5 Graphing Sine and Cosine
               video: Graph Sine and Cosine
               ppt: Graph Sine and Cosine
     Review, Chapter 5
REVIEW:     Prep for Final Exam

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