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NEHW welcomes you!  Be sure to find a hawk watch near you.  


NorthEast Hawk Watch

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Broadwing 2020 Play-by-Play (with audio)

Greenlaw Mountain, NB:  Hawk Watch Mission | 2020 Report 

7 Hawk Watches in the southeastern NY/NJ region met virtually on Dec 12, 2020 to share their Fall experiences.  Check out their hawks!  (The meeting was hosted by Hook Mountain Hawk Watch.)

          Fire Island Hawk Watch, Islip NY, 2020

          Lenoir Hawk Watch, Yonkers NY, 2020:  

          State Line Hawk Watch, Alpine NJ, 2020

          Hook Mountain, Nyack NY, 2020

          Mount Peter, Warwick, NY, 2020

          I-84 Hawk Watch, Greenville NY, 2020

          Bear Mountain, NY, 2020

New Hampshire Audubon:    Migratory Raptors

Montclair Hawk Watch, NJ:  Visit, Views, Excitement 

American Kestrels, NYC:  AK in 14 Languages


The NorthEast Hawk Watch (NEHW) is a registered not-for-profit organization established and run by volunteers to increase awareness, appreciation and protection of our daytime birds of prey.  We do that primarily by promoting hawk watching, the study of hawk migration, throughout New England, eastern New York, and northeastern New Jersey. 

We have several hundred members spread across eight states and work with local bird clubs, Audubon chapters, other hawk-watching organizations, and individuals to promote hawk watching in the northeast. 

The most tangible benefit of membership is that every spring we publish a hawk migration report, approximately 36 pages long, covering the spring and fall migration hawk watch counts for most of the 8-state area for the previous year.  These reports provide the most complete and authoritative data on hawk migration counts in the northeast, and trends in those counts, available anywhere.  The reports are mailed to all members.  We don't have club meetings, but we sponsor periodic conferences on hawks and hawk migration in the northeast. These are usually held in the early spring every four years.  Our most recent conference was March 30, 2019.  Previous conferences were April 2015, April 2011, and  March 2006.

For more information about hawk watching and hawk migration, please contact one of the people listed below.  They can tell you when and where to hawk watch in your area, provide additional information on hawks and hawk identification, and supply report forms if you'd like to submit counts.

To join the NorthEast Hawk Watch and receive the annual hawk watch report mailed out each spring, simply print out, complete and return the membership form.  Membership dues are $10 a year.  (Individual copies, including back issues are available for $5 each plus $1 postage.)

The Big High, by Polly Brody

Regional Contacts

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