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NEHW presents the:

Hawk Silhouette Guide

by Paul Carrier


The NorthEast Hawk Watch (NEHW) is proud to present the 2008 edition of the

A Guide for Hawks Seen in the Northeast

This Guide is a two page reference for use in identification of hawks seen and counted at hawk watch sites throughout the Northeast and eastern US.  The graphics are beautifully done by Paul Carrier, with emphasis on identification of hawks as seen overhead.  This is just the view we get at our hawk watches. 

The two page presentation facilitates comparison of the silhouettes among species; and the graphical details clearly enable comparison of adult features.  This is an invaluable tool for learning hawk identification.  It focuses attention on the key features of comparison:  shape and identifying characteristics.

A Guide for Hawks Seen in the Northeast is available in three forms:

1.  Downloadable pdf for single copy printout for personal, non-commercial use.
Free Download   A Guide for Hawks Seen in the Northeast

2.  More durable card stock, standard:  $3.00/copy  (To Order)

3.  Most durable card stock, laminated:  $5.00/copy   (To Order)

Please also consider  membership in NEHW at the bargain price of $10/year.  Members receive the annual hawk migration report, approximately 36 pages long, covering the spring and fall migration hawk watch counts for most of the 8-state area for the previous year.  These reports provide the most complete and authoritative data on hawk migration counts in the northeast, and trends in those counts, available anywhere.  The reports are mailed to all members.  We don't have club meetings, but we sponsor periodic conferences on hawks and hawk migration in the northeast.


To Order

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