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NEHW License Plate Holder
WE Count!!

You count hawks; and you help
at a hawkwatch.  So, you matter! 

You are contributing to an
understanding of raptors and
their conservation.

Show everyone that raptors count,
and that you count.

Order a license plate holder today! 

NEHW License Plate Holder - YOU count!
$5.00 each + shipping and handling
Name ________________________________   
Organization ________________________________
Address ________________________________
Telephone ________________________________
email ________________________________

Please enter the number of  NEHW License Plate Holders
that you wish to order.  Then enter the total costs.


  ______   number of NEHW license plate holders  @ $5.00     


Shipping & Handling:  select one of the following:
Ship to New England, New York, or New Jersey:  
   1 -10 plate holders                   add   $6.00
Ship outside New England, New York, or New Jersey:  
  1 -  4 plate holders                    add   $7.00
     5 -10 plate holders                    add $12.00



______ Memberships** (Not required for purchase.)   @ $10.00






** Attach one membership application for each new member. 
Please make out the check to NorthEast Hawk Watch, and mail to:
Joe Wojtanowski         
PO Box 142                
Poquonock, CT 06064

Note:  To get the holders with reduced shipping costs, check with your local hawk watch coordinator.  They may have some available.

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