Northern Saw-whet Owls
at Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NY

NSWO Roost Site Study - Beginning 2004
(Gertrude R. Battaly, Lead Investigator;  Drew Panko, Larry Fischer)

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Track owls to locate roost sites
and determine extent of movement
on overwintering grounds

Saw-whet Videos
Feb 2010, Mar 2007

Determine the Age
of the Owls by Examining
the Flight Feathers

This owl was banded
in January as
'After Second Year.'
It weighed in at
73.8 gm, a male.

SY/ASY by feather molt
Data to record

Age and gender are recorded,
along with other information,
such as weight,
wing chord, and amount of fat.

Owls are then released
at their roost site,
free to stay or fly away,
free to hunt.

Released owl about to fly


Owl Observations Sheet:  doc, pdf  
Complete and email or snail mail to Trudy at

Area Map

Roost Site Data Sheet:  doc, pdf

Other observations (click for full size images): 

Bobcat sign at Pelham Bay.

Bobcat sign, Winter, 2008

Mink scat at Pelham Bay

Mink scat, March 29, 2005


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