NSWO Study:  Pelham Bay Maps

There are two maps, Pelham Bay North and Pelham Bay South.  There are 12 areas marked on the two maps where there is habitat for roosting NSWO.  The codes for the areas are, from North to South:

Pelham Bay North map

P          Parking, Northeast part of Golf Course

GH       Golf House

GP       Golf Pines

HN      Hunter Island, North

HS       Hunter Island, South

M         Mansion Museum, Bartow-Pell

OB       Orchard Beach

Pelham Bay South map

TN       Tallapoosa North

TS        Tallapoosa South

C         City Island Circle

V         Victory Memorial

R          Rodman¬ís Neck

City of NY web site for Pelham Bay (>2700 acres)