Young Prairie Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake #1         
Rattlesnake #2          

On a walk at Agate Fossil Beds, we
passed the bridge and on the left
about 4 feet from the boardwalk
there was a large Prairie Rattlesnake,
Snake #1.  We were delighted to see
this beautiful adult specimen.  It
reacted to being seen and moved to
a different location.  (See video)
As we continued the walk, Drew
stopped me suddenly, as I was
about to step on a young rattlesnake,
Snake #2.  It was sunning itself in the
middle of the walkway.   Notice the
ant that hitches a ride on #2 at it
slithers away.  (See video)
We were careful to watch where we
were going, even after we turned
around.  Nevertheless, as I walked, I
saw another snake, Snake #3, right
next to the walkway, less than a foot
 away from my left foot.  Even though
I was startled and jumped out of the
way, Snake #3 did not move at all,
and was very hard to see even when
we knew it was there.  (No video.) 

  Produced by SEA
Video & Graphics by Drew Panko
Trudy Battaly

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A Three-Rattlesnake-Walk
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, NE