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Scenes from the Badlands National Park
South Dakota, June 2011
Dramatic Views and Quality Wildlife
Panoramic View - Arrow across the scene to see the ruggedness of the "Badlands"
Upland Sandpiper

Three-Rattlesnake- Walk
Nebraska, June 30 2011
We saw 3 different Prairie Rattlesnakes on a walk at the Agate Fossil Beds in Nebraska.  One changed position, moving off with defensive posture, one slithered into the grass, and the last did nothing at all.

Laramie Loop   iPhone
Wyoming, July 1 2011
Shawn brought us to this great birding spot.  Video includes  McCown's Longspur, Swainson's Hawk, White-tailed Prairie Dogs, and Pronghorn Antelopes.  And, it was a 3 badger day!

Burrowing Owl
near Kuna ID, July 4 2011
Two videos:  3 different owls survey territory from a post; 1 owl bops up and down

MacGillivray's Warbler
Beauty Creek ID, July 2011
The warbler filled the hills with song while a Red Squirrel chattered back at him.
Video    Audio

Black-throated Gray Warbler
North Cascades National Park WA, June 2011
Adult male feeding fledglings.

Pigeon Guillemot
Dungeness NWR, WA Jul 2011
Runs on water! Great Fun!

 Bald Eagle
Dungeness Bay, WA Jul 2011
Slow Motion, close view
uneven trailing edge of wing

Sooty Grouse
Female North Cascades NP
July 10 2011
Displaying Male  Paradise
 3 videos, July 18 2011
1. Runs across Snowbank
2. Sings from Top of Rock
3.  Viewpoint:  Tail

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