Broad-winged Hawk

Arthur Green combines the numbers of Broad-winged Hawks, the weather patterns of high and low pressure, and the dates in September to help us understand the conditions that characterize Broad-wing migration. 

Broad-winged Hawks & Weather Patterns
by Arthur Green
Brief Background

Location, Migration Window
by Trudy Battaly

Study Arthur's images, and meet us at the watch next September on the day with the most BWs!

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Broad-winged Hawks and Weather Patterns
Animation by Arthur Green

Arthur Green is a hawk counter at Chestnut Ridge Hawk Watch in Bedford, NY. 
His innovative approach to the study of hawk migration shows the significance of high pressure systems on the peak of the Broad-wing migration. 
(Use TOC to return to the days with the big numbers of BWs.)

Broad-wings at Hook:  Trends  Seasonal Distribution  Video

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