Northern Saw-whet Owls
at Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain State Park, NY

NSWO Roost Site and Migration Study - Beginning 2008
Gertrude R. Battaly, Lead Investigator;  Drew Panko, and Larry Fischer
Assisted by Ed McGowan, Director of Science and Trailside Museums and Zoo, PIPC,
Museum staff, and members of the Palisades Interstate Park League of Naturalists

Saw-whet in the Night at Iona Island


1.  To study the ecology of over-wintering owls in the Park:
          What habitats do they use?
          What mix of gender and age occurs?

2.  To determine the extent of geographic movement of the owls found in the Park.  
         Where do they come from? 
         What flyways do they use?

3.  To detect breeding Saw-whets, if present.


Saw-whets at WCC

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