Short-eared Owls
Shawangunk Grasslands NWR, Jan 3 2024. 
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We arrived at 3 pm and the owls were already flying.
What a wonderful feeling to know that these owls are still returning to Shawangunk each winter.

Short-eared hunting the east side


Our first search turned up 2 owls

The first quick reach for the camera had poor settings, but the owl action was a delight!

We arrived after 3pm and the owls were already flying under cloudy skies! 
As the light dimmed and the owls flew in varied directions, sometimes in front of us,
sometimes behind us, there was a sense of wonder.  We were in the middle of the hunt,
as the owls searched in all directions for supper.

We started 2024 with a sense of wonder and the comfort of knowing that the Shortears
are continuing to winter at Shawangunk, just as the raptors continued to migrate in the fall. 

Nature is still nurturing.  Life is good!
 FIRE           Hook Mt         NEHW         Short-eared Owl on Long Island, 2009  
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