Broad-winged Hawk
The Big BW Day
at Hook Mountain!
Sep 17, 2011

            Real Time
The Broad-wing Hawks started early and continued for 6 hrs.  It was the most exciting day.  Turn on your speakers so you can join the experience.
             video for iPhone

           Slow Motion
Drew took a slow motion video of the kettles.  The motion of the hawks is almost like a choreographed  slow dance.  Use the TOC to switch between kettles.

Other Broadwing Videos
   Produced by SEA
Videos by Trudy Battaly and Drew Panko

14,670 Broad-winged Hawks in a Day!

Broad-winged Hawks use thermals that form when the earth warms up and the warm air rises.  As the warm air rises it provides lift for these buteos.  Kettles of Broad-wings riding the thermals typically  include from a dozen to several hundred hawks.  On this day we counted 14,670!

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