Beartooth Highway and Yellowstone National Park, WY; July 7-8 2017

For our dashcam video of the Beartooth Highway (Rte. 212), see Beartooth/Rte 212
For our trip video of the Yellowstone Canyon and southern portion of the park (Jul 9-10), see  Yellowston Canyon

Entering Yellowstone National Park at the Northeast entrance is a spectacular experience. The Beartooth Highway goes from about 5200 feet in elevation to almost 11,000 feet. These 69 miles are filled with stunning views of mountain passes with snow, wildflowers, and wildlife. It is an experience you will never forget. The northeast entrance to the Park brings you to the Lamar Valley, which has abundant wildlife. Bison are the most obvious, but there are also pronghorn antelopes, coyotes, and many other species. A fun portion of this video takes you to a bank of the Lamar River to watch a pair of coyote pups playing along the banks.

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