Cape May Warbler at Forest Park, G. Battaly

Bathing at the Water Hole

For this migrant Cape May Warbler, stopping over at Forest Park translates to a refreshing bath at the Water Hole.   En route from winter in the Caribbean to breeding in the boreal forest, Cape May Warblers use urban parks to rest and refuel before they continue their journey.
The video starts with normal speed, then switches to a slow motion that is 10% of normal.

After bathing, this Cape May completes his grooming by carefully preening his feathers.  This keeps his feathers in good condition, ready for the next migration night.  But, it also keeps him looking his handsome self!   Check out the attention he gives each flight feather.
This video starts with slow motion at 50% of normal, then switches to 10% of normal.

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Cape May Warbler
Forest Park, May 2010

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