F I R E : Fire Island Raptor Enumerators

Tri-State Region - Trends
(Updated 02/12/2016 )

Three Decades of Fall Migration at 7 Hawk Watches in the Tri-State Region 


Long-term Trends for Hawk Species

Regional Summary

Osprey Bald Eagle Northern Harrier
Sharp-shinned Hawk Cooper's Hawk Northern Goshawk
Broad-winged Hawks Red Shouldered Hawks Red-tailed Hawks

Golden Eagles

American Kestrels Merlins Peregrines

FI- Fire Island, FM-Franklin Mountain, HM-Hook Mtn., LH-Lighthouse Pt.,  MC-Mountclair,
MP-Mount Peter, QR-Quaker Ridge
OS-Osprey, BE-Bald Eagle, NH-Northern Harrier, SS-Sharp-shinned Hawk,  CH-Cooper's Hawk, NG-Northern Goshawk, RS-Red-shouldered Hawk,  BW-Broad-winged Hawk, RT-Red-tailed Hawk, AK-American Kestrel,  ML-Merlin, PG-Peregrine Falcon

Last Updated on 02/12/16
By Gertrude R. Battaly
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