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Step-by-step Instructions

Some of the problems in the homework have numbered steps.  These numbers refer to the steps listed in the step-by-step algorithms found at the link above.  

In the homework links below, G: refers to given, and F: to find.

3.2 Graphing Polynomials Problems 13 - 21 Problems 25, 29
3.3 Polynomial Division Long Division, Synthetic Division, Zeros, ppt*
3.3 Polynomial Zeros:
Rational Coefficients
Finding missing zeros
4.1 Inverse Functions Problems
4.3 Logarithmic Functions Problems
4.4 Properties of Logarithms Problems
4.5 Solving Equations Exponential Equations Logarithmic Equations
5.5 Circular Functions Problems
5.6 Graphs of Sine & Cosine Problems ppt
6.1 Identities:  Basic Problems A,   Problems B
6.2 Identities:  Cofuntions,2x,0.5x Problems A,   Problems B
6.3 Proving Trig Identities Problems A,   Problems B
6.5 Solving Trig Equations Problems A,   Problems B
7.1 Law of Sines Problems
7.2 Law of Cosines Problems

* To open powerpoint, look for window to select 'read only'.


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