Fun with Shawn

Shinnecock at Dusk in Late December 2009


Long-tailed Duck, Lapland Longspur, and Snow Buntings at Jones Beach

A flock of about 40 Redpolls foraging on seaside goldenrod.  

Common Redpolls at Shinnecock, Jan 2008 (video)



American Bittern at Shinnecock, Jan 2008

Black Guillemot, Dec 22, 2007   video

  American Bittern, Jan 17, 2008  video

Blue Grosbeak, Jones Beach, 4/28/05



Shawn and Drew at Forest Park
Battling the Aliens!


American Bittern, Alley Pond, 4/26/05




Ferry from New Bedford, Ma


Red-footed Falcon
Martha's Vineyard

Redpolls at Jones Beach, A New Year's Treat!


Grasshopper Sparrow, Calverton, NY

Chasing Bob-White call


Grasshopper Sparrow


Fiddler Crab


Bob-white + Willet baby

Sharp-tailed Sparrow Shinnecock, NY

Deptford Pink, Goat's Rue, Rugosa Rose

Above^:    Northern Hawk Owl, Root, NY

Right>:  Shawn, Drew and the Hawk Owl  



Wilson's Snipe, Massapequa

Winter Wren, Massapequa


Courtship, Cedar Waxwings

  Seaside Dragonlet, Oceanside

Lemon Squeezer at Harriman State Park 
(larger animation)

For videos, click the images.

                 Osprey and Chick, Oceanside
        Black-necked Stilt at Cow Meadow

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