Vellozzi Swets
Westchester County, NY
March - May, 2006

First Westchester breeding record!  (We think.)
(If you know of other records for the County, please send any historical evidence to,, or

NSWO Roost Site discovered by James Vellozzi on March 13, 2006.
Adult seen at nest hole.

Photo by James Vellozzi

James found an owlet looking out of the hole on May 17, 2006.

Roost site is below

Drew is 5'9": 
Cavity looks like about 16 ft high.

How many?  One, two, three,....


Larry and James retrieve the owls


Owlets banded on May 19, 2006
by Trudy and Drew


Five owlets in all!
Weights ranged from 79.3 gm to 96.1 gm.
The oldest weighed 93.2gm and the youngest weighed 96.1.
What good parents they have!
What good food Westchester provides.

May 24, 2006

Adult male banded: only 77.9 gm!

Owlets branching:  
* 1 seen before dark;
* begging calls  heard from at least 3 (possibly 4)
 from different directions after dark                   
Finder: James Vellozzi
Retriever: Larry Fischer
Banders / Photographers: Trudy Battaly
Drew Panko

Copyright May 24, 2006

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