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We traveled 6,380 miles through 14 states for 4 weeks on trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks.  We went to 3 (4) National Parks, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, 2 National Forests, 1 National Recreation Area, and 7 state parks.  We camped on 21 nights, 20 at public campgrounds. 



DAY DATE STOPS LOCATION, PM COMMENTS Bird of the Day Non-Bird of the Day Miles
1 22-Jun rest stops WB Winter SP,PA left: 1:20pm finally on our way; rain 4:30 pm thru night Turkey Vulture - many Mountain Laurel - lots, short, skimpy 222
2 23-Jun rest stops East Harbor SP, OH good birds early at WB Winter Upland Plover Grey Tree Frog 357.6
3 24-Jun Magee Marsh;  Ottawa NWR East Harbor SP, OH Prothonotary Warbler pair building nest right along boardwalk; Purple Martins;YB Cuckoo Prothonotary Warbler Blander's Turtle (lifer) 62.8
4 25-Jun rest stops Kneff Lake CG, Grayling MI Early departure from E Harbor, travel day Brown Creeper Jack Pine, Hare Bells 347.6
5 26-Jun Mason Tract Road (near Grayling, MI) Hartwick Pines SP, MI Kirtland's Warbler song in a number of locations, but no good views;  many Chestnut-sided and Nashville Warblers Kirtland's Warbler  (2nd: Chestnut-sided) Lumber Truck:  watch out! and Lance-leaved Coreopsis 58.5
6 27-Jun Jack pine habitat near end of Mason Tract Road & MT Rd Brevort Lake CG, MI Kirtland's started singing ~ 1.5-2 hrs after arrived (dawn).  Had brief views.good dragons King Rail Thirteen-lined ground squirrel 172.5
7 28-Jun State Forest dirt roads off Rte 123 north of Brevort Lake; Seney NWR (auto tour + eve tour) River Outfitters Dirt roads off of Rte 123 - Mosquitos!!  Rain during evening bus ride on back roads,Seney NWR.  SH Crane flyover. Connecticut Warbler Beaver, Wood Lily 122.4
8 29-Jun Seney NWR Econolodge Rain all day.  Minke Frog Virginia Rail Woodland Jumping Mouse 80.9
9 30-Jun rest stops AmericInn Travel day. Sandhill Crane White Admiral 351.4
10 1-Jul Rice Lake NWR Army Corp Recreation Area Sandy Lake, Minn Snipe calling am & pm, great Sedge Wren, YB Sapsucker pair feeding young in nest Black Tern feeding in nearby channel Black Bear climbing tree near road 136.6
11 2-Jul Tamarack NWR ND at 8:15 pm EDT Good birds at Visitor Center: N Parula, RT Hummingbird, & Red Crossbill Red Crossbill Birder Officer - knew where to find what 267.8
12 3-Jul Long Lake NWR Ft Abraham Lincoln SP, ND Western Grebe, RN Pheasant, Least Tern Black-billed Magpie Bank w Bank Swallows 218.4
13 4-Jul T Roosevelt NP South ND Cottonwood CG Prairie Dogs-many towns; wild horses; bison thru CG as entered; hot: 124F mid pm Prairie Falcon bison 223
14 5-Jul T Roosevelt NP North ND; good ST Grouse on park road to Oxbow Overlook of Little Missouri River Juniper CG 50-60 bison grazing on campground all night:  bulls growling; drove to restroom in the morning before leaving; also heard coyotes and GS Grouse during night. Sharp-tailed Grouse BISON herd w BULLS! 136.5
15 6-Jul repeat TR park road; rest stops Cooney Reservoir SP CG Mont.  Near Rte 212  Left bison herd behind; did road again, headed for Yellowstone. Short-eared Owl BISON deluge early am 420.9
16 7-Jul Rte 212 scenic drive; Yellowstone NP-Lamar Valley, Hot Springs area Pebble Creek CG Climbed mountains on Rte 212 to Yellowstone; 212 beautiful tundra! Sora Elk 194.4
17 8-Jul Yellowstone NP-Lamar Valley Pebble Creek CG great wildlife: least chipmunk, dense Cliff Swallow nests, roaming bison, antelope, etc Green-tailed Towhee Grizzly & Coyote pups 53.8
18 9-Jul Cooke City:  tundra on Rte 212 Soda Butte, NFCG fantastic tundra along road, alpine butterflies, cassin's Finch, RC Kinglet, etc. White-tailed Ptarmigan Yellow-bellied Marmot 92.3
19 10-Jul Yellowstone NP-Lamar Valley Pebble Creek CG Cooke City has only 1 land line pone, no cell service; bank fraud White-crowned Sparrow Black Bear 68.4
20 11-Jul Yellowstone NP - Grand Canyon area Grant Village CG White-throated Swift, VG Swallows, OS in Yellowstone River Canyon American Dipper Yellowstone River Falls 90.8
21 12-Jul Grand Tetons NP, Lewis Falls, Signal Mt Colter Village CG Met Gerry F at VC-good birding info; Signal Mt at sunset-pretty scenes, mule deer Swainson's Thrush Yellow pine chipmunk 74.6
22 13-Jul Grand Tetons NP - loop road, Signal Mt Colter Village CG Signal Mt at dawn-rec GT Towhee; Brewer's Sparrow on loop road Brewer's Sparrow Red Fox 83
23 14-Jul Grand Tetons NP-River Access Road Signal Mountain CG GG Owl hoots fr woods near meadow; 2 BE immatures interract w Ravens Great Gray Owl Jousting Red Squirrels 71.3
24 15-Jul Grand Tetons NP-River Access Road Holiday, Rawlins WY Eagles and Ravens again, Barrows Goldeneye, Common Merganzer Red-naped Sapsucker Pronghorn Antelope 281.4
25 16-Jul Macloulough Reservoir Dam Ogallala SP CG, NE left mountains behind, horizon changed to rolling hills Loggerhead Shrike aspen, cedar 336.1
26 17-Jul Macloulough Dam, Ogallala, parking lot Quality Inn North Platte, NE Disaster!! The roof blew off!  <40mph Clark's Grebe roof of van on highway! 146.1
27 18-Jul parking lot, test drive Rte 30 Grand Island NE taped tarp to van, < 55mph Franklin's Gull Gorilla Tape 145.7
28 19-Jul parking lot, 367 miles! Marshalltown IA Enclosed van in rope; added tape as needed; finally reached 60 mph! Northern Harrier Gorilla Tape, super fat pig 367.3
29 20-Jul rest stops Pine View Resort Monticello IN played tag with rain; parked van under covered entry to protect from rain American Kestrel Gorilla tape! Pine View Resort 403.9
30A 21-Jul none van at Sportsmobile, Huntington IN rain early, late start; Huntington IN by mid morning; 3 hrs to rent car and transfer stuff Eastern Meadowlark Sportsmobile 75.2
30B 21-Jul Subway to resusitate before last link Youngstown OH strange car, wonder if we transferred enough Bobolink pillow 299
31 22-Jul rest stops home 418 miles!  Wow! Carolina Wren RAV4 - got us home 418


Parks and Facilities Visited during this trip

2017 T Roosevelt / Yellowstone / Grand Tetons NP TRIP Public campgrounds:
3 National Parks, 5 National Wildlife Refuges, 2 National Forest, 1 National Recreation Areas
7 State Parks
National Parks (3) National Wildlife Refuges (5) State Parks (7)
Theodore Roosevelt NP South, ND Ottowa NWR OH WB Winter SP,PA
Theodore Roosevelt NP North, ND Seney NWR  MI East Harbor SP, OH
Yellowstone NP, WY Rice Lake NWR MN Hartwick Pines SP, MI
Grand Tetons, WY Tamarack NWR  MN Brevort Lake CG, MI
Long Lake NWR ND Ft Abraham Lincoln SP, ND
National Forest (2) Cooney Reservoir SP CG MT
Shoshone NF, WY National Recreation Areas (1) Ogallala SP CG, NE
Huron-Manistee NF, MI Army Corp RA Sandy Lake MN