Overview by Day                                 Lists: Birds, Mammals, Butts, etc          

Scenes from El Malpais National Monument   New Mexico
June30 - July1, 2013

Dramatic Views and Quality Wildlife.  These are New Mexico's "Badlands"

Henslow's Sparrow at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge
Indiana, June 24 2013
We were lucky to get a personal tour of the Big Oaks grasslands and the expansive Henslow's habitat.

Dickcissels at Two National Wildlife Refuges
Mustatuck NWR, IN June25 2013
Neil Smith NWR, IA July25 2013
Dickcissels sing their territorial songs from tree tops, fence posts, and road-side wires.  Wonderful views!

American Dipper at Yosemite National Park
California, July 22 2013
We found this Dipper in the southeastern section of the Park among the big rocks in a rapid stream. 

Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Walnut Canyon, and Sunset Crater Volcano
June30 - July1, 2013
Stunning views of these national lands!

North Rim Grand Canyon and Kaibab Plateau
July 2-6, 2013
Beautiful scenics and special wildlife
Kaibab Squirrel

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Foss State Park and Black Kettle National Grasslands June 2013
Adults and fledglings

Painted Bunting
Black Kettle National Grasslands   June 2013

Bald Eagle
Dungeness Bay, WA Jul 2011
Slow Motion, close view
uneven trailing edge of wing

Grand Canyon from the North Rim, July 2013