Chi-Squared Distribution

The Chi-Squared Distribution is graphed below in RED.

It is shown as the degrees of freedom, df, changes from df=2 to df=51.

Also included are three normal curves for comparison.
The means and standard deviations of the normal curves have been selected to show a curve close
to the Chi-Squared curve at representative values for df.
The normal curves are: mean=5 with standard dev = 3.3, mean = 30 with standard dev=8, and mean=50 with standard dev=10.

The Chi-squared Curve should be automatically animated. If it is not, right click on the df and select animate.

How does the Chi-Squared Distribution compare to the normal curve as the df increases? __________


Ans. As df increases, the Chi-Squared Distribution approaches the normal curve.

Prof. G. Battaly, WCC

Gertrude Battaly, 7 April 2014, Created with GeoGebra