Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice, 2010
Photo by Trudy Battaly

This was a very special night.  Two nights before we were here at this spot searching for Screech-owls for the Christmas Bird Count.  As the owl responded with its haunting tremolo song, so familiar and comforting to hear, we were treated to a beautiful view of the moon across the Kensico Reservoir.   So, we selected this location to view this very special lunar eclipse. 

For the first time in 372 years - since Dec 21, 1638 - a lunar eclipse occurred on the Winter Solstice.   Though our fingers stung from the cold (27F) and the wind (N24mph), the view was magical.  The moon lit up in orange, yellow, and red hues - a promise of the longer and warmer days to come. 

There will be other lunar eclipses, but the next one to occur on the Winter Solstice will not be until Dec 21, 2094.   We were happy to see this one.

Trudy Battaly, Drew Panko

Solstice Lunar Eclipse at NASA