Mrs. Battaly, Mr. Panko

Assignment in Critical Reading - due Jan. 22

1.  Connect to the NY Sierra Club website at: Atlantic/
2.  Browse the newsletters (requires pdf reader) and select an article from any one of the newsletters.  Give the title, author, and date of the article.
3.  Summarize the article in written or outline form. (Optional)
4.  Select a statement or concept of interest to you that relates to an environmental or ecological issue and is described in the article.
    a)  Repeat the statement verbatim, in quotes.
    b)  State the idea in your own words.
5.  Consider if the statement is adequately supported within the article.  Some things to consider include:
    a)  Is there experimental or documented evidence to support the conclusion? 
    b)  Is a reference given for the source of the information?
    c)  Does the logic used seem reasonable? 
    d)  Can you think of an example or situation that contradicts the statement?
    e)  Could the author have provided other, more significant, information to support the statement?
6.  Research the statement on your own.  Use the original sources or use reputable web sites whose information is expected to be unbiased.  Look for:
    a)  The best evidence to support the statement.
    b)  Is it a controversial issue?  If so, what are the alternatives? 
What are the trade-offs?
7.  What position have you formed?  Support your statement.