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Drew Panko and Trudy Battaly

Dedicated to helping hawk counters comfortably use and understand statistics to analyze hawk watch data.

Trends for Falcons at Fire Island - a new media approach to statistics
for hawk watches.  Shows how to decide on comparable data and interpretation of data.

These web pages supplement articles published in the 
HMANA Hawk Migration Studies

beginning September, 2003.   

The lessons are intended to provide specific steps in generating the statistics referred to in the articles.  We provide directions for Excel because it is readily available and relatively easy to use. The documents are pdf* to ensure access across platforms and provide a consistent printout.

We welcome your comments, criticism, or questions.  Contact the Authors

Article:  Analyzing Hawk Count Data: Graphs that show Year to Year Trends
September, 2003.
Excel files
Lesson 1 Graphing Your Data   practice
Lesson 2 Regression Line:  How to Construct the Best Fit practice

For beginners at Excel:  Introductory Excel. Trudy Battaly.  July 22, 1998.
(Emphasizes basic skills: entering data, editing data, manipulating data; and begins graphing.)

* pdf file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader:  free download